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The open cource water bottle art event cannot be reproduced. But we have found a way, how to continue the art project, based on the share-alike principle. Read more in the e-mail conversation with the Bulgarian Internet Society.

On 17. Nov 2005, at 18:29, Dragoslava Pefeva wrote:

> Dear Roland,
> Greetings, from Bulgaria, I am Dessi Pefeva and I am the Project lead
> of CC Bulgaria!
> I was charmed when I saw the Open Source Water product this summer in
> Boston :)
> the idea is great, and I would like to ask you if possible to provide
> me with the bottle labels, which we could print here in the office and
> assemble one bottle for our office, but also to show it to our guests
> and at other events :)
> I do not want to bother you with shipping bottles to Bulgaria.
> Also, please let me know how would you like us to attribute the work.
> Best regards,
> Dessi Pefeva
> CC Bulgaria

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 21:15 +0100, Roland Alton-Scheidl wrote:

Dear Dessi,

thank you for getting back to me regarding the art project for the
launch of CC in Austria.
I do have some stickers for bottles left, which I will put into an
Tell me where to send it to.

Please be aware, that you have to follow the share-alike licensing
rules. The bottle must be donated to you (you are not allowed to pay
for it), as well as the water, which needs to be taken from a public or
co-op owned sink. Additionally, you need to indicate the derivation of
the work: The bottle must get an additional sticker, on which you
indicate your change of the work (where and when it has been bottled)
and leave your name ("attribution").

I would like to put your request to the CC Austria pages, I hope you
don't mind.

Best regards,

Roland Alton-Scheidl

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Dear Roland, dear all,

Thanks for the rapid reply :)

Please send me the labels at:

Ms. Dragoslava Pefeva
31 Tzar Ivan Shishman Str.
floor 3
Internet Society Bulgaria
Sofia 1000

Yes, I will send a message to the community to donate bottles, I had not realised that they should be donated according to the SA.
The water will be collected from the central mineral public spring in Sofia, and I will prepare a couple of copies for some forthcoming events.
I think the collecting of the bottles and the ritual of going to the central spring will be a lot of pleasure for me and our Creative Commons society :)

Feel free to publish this request, if you like I could send you information about the events in Bulgaria that it has been presented and given.
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